Satisfying whitehead cyst-pop made the entire world go crazy (video)

The skin is the shell of our body. The skin protects us in all kinds of ways, against bumps and bacteria for example. So it’s not wrong to take good care of your skin! By regularly rubbing the skin with a nourishing cream, you can restore the skin barrier. Also, neutral skin care products without irritating substances can be useful in the care of skin problems.

It is important to protect the skin from the sun. UV radiation can cause skin cancer and is a major contributor to skin aging. Therefore, apply a day cream with SPF every day and use sunscreen on sunny days. For good skin care, you prefer to use neutral skin products. So without perfume or known allergens. These irritants can cause skin allergies.

A ‘natural skin care’, or a ‘hypoallergenic cream’? Claims like these say nothing about the quality of a product, or the danger of an allergic reaction. The price also says nothing about the effect: good skin care products do not have to be expensive. Judge a product mainly on the ingredients list.

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